“We had a template in Microsoft Word into which we typed all the labels. We did not fill in farmers’ code – they were themselves responsible for adding their code to the labels after we printed them. Having the Excel labeling template created by Iowa Valley RC&D team makes it easy to scale to many producers, without having to spend exponentially more time making labels.Viva Farms staff will spend a lot less time generating labels and farmers will not have to fill in their own code. This will save them a lot of time, especially farmers who have 100+ items on a given delivery – it takes a lot of time to fill in the code for 100 labels.”

Anna Chotzen

Business & Marketing Manager, Viva Farms

Sprout operates a grocery, a hub and large box program and haven’t been able to find a single tech system for all of these activities combined. I approached Iowa Valley RC&D for simple tech solutions for our food hub that could help streamline customer and inventory needs. The tech solutions that were designed by Iowa Valley RC&D team are the much needed link for Sprout to operate more effectively, creating inventory control and customer support systems to save us time and money.”

Brennan Dougherty

Food Hub Manager, Sprouts BC

It was wonderful working with Iowa Valley RC&D team. We have exactly the right program for what we need. Anuj was so understanding and helped through every issue we had. He was very quick with any adjustments in the program and if I needed any help, he responded extremely fast. The inventory and labeling section of our food safety was one major area that we were stuck on for some time. I’m so thankful and grateful to have been introduced to Anuj at Iowa Valley. This program has helped our farm tremendously with reaching our food safety goals.”

Andrea Kirchoff

Owner, Campells Local Harvest

Working with Iowa Valley RC&D was a great experience. I worked with Anuj Mittal, a doctoral student consultant for Iowa Valley. He created two Excel-based tools for small farmers to track inventory, generate invoices, and create unique labels. Anuj was extremely responsive to my recommendations and feedback, and the final product was far above my expectations.”

Jennifer Gerhart

Local Food Coordinator, Michigan State Extension