Iowa Valley RC&D is starting Farmers Toolshed, an equipment and tool sharing program based at the Johnson County Historic Poor Farm. Farmers Toolshed will offer local farmers access to specialized or rarely used equipment at fair rental rates. The program will provide access to equipment that isn’t needed everyday, unaffordable and/or will allow farmers to try out a piece of equipment before purchasing their own.

Iowa Valley RC&D will manage the program’s operation with the oversight of the farmer committee. At this time, we need an initial committee of farmers to help set equipment rental rates, the value of shares, and make decisions that guide this program. We hope to get a first meeting together in July this year.

Members will receive an initial stipend of $100. Fill out the survey below if you are interested in being on the committee and would like to know more.

If you are interested in donating equipment, funding, or contributing services to the program, please reach out to

About the Committee:

What is the committee for?

We are looking to establish an initial committee to guide the way the equipment sharing program will operate.

How much time does this commitment require?

There will be a handful of meetings in 2023. These meetings may be attended virtually or in-person. We aim to hold the first meeting in the Fall of 2023.

What are the benefits of joining this committee?

Committee members will receive a reduced rate for equipment rentals. Members can have the opportunity to make this program better meet the needs of the community. Committee members get to set share prices. Initial members of this committee will receive a $100 stipend.

What are the requirements to become members of the committee?

To become members of the company, farmers will purchase shares of the company in the form of cash or can transfer equipment assets to the LLC.

Where will this equipment be based?

Equipment and machinery will be housed at the Johnson County Historic Poor Farm in Iowa City, Iowa.