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Making our food system stronger through diversification, collaboration, and education.

We work to build networks, create resources, facilitate effective connections, and address gaps in service.

A food system includes production, processing, distribution, consumption, and waste management. Much like a watershed, it exists whether or not people are aware of it and it doesn’t fit into neat political districts. Our team works to help the social, environmental, and economic features of our food systems to be more equitable, more local, and more sustainable.

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The Corridor Food Asset Map will focus on the communities in Linn and Johnson County. Do you like to grow, cook, or eat food? BUT you also feel like you lack access to land, kitchen space, or food itself? We want to hear from you 



Iowa Farmers Market Manager Toolkit

The Iowa Farmers Market Manager Toolkit is a series of vendor handouts, the Iowa Farmers Market Manager Handbook, and the Lettuce Grow Online Training series. This Toolkit is meant to complement the existing booklet published by the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship and resources provided by the Iowa Farmers Market Association. It was created in partnership with Northeast Iowa RC&D with support from Iowa’s market managers and vendors.


FarmTabs is a software being developed by the Iowa Valley RC&D team to enable small and mid-sized farmers to manage records to meet GAP audit and other food safety requirements. FarmTabs is a low cost software which has been developed by experts in the area of food safety, agricultural supply chains, process improvement and software development. Learn More