Transportation is a major expenditure for small farmers in order to access markets. Farmers often transport goods in less-than-full truckloads and this inefficiency reduces farmer profitability and generates negative environmental externalities. While shared transportation among farmers is one solution, accurately calculating marginal costs is too difficult for most farmers. The lack of scale-appropriate tools to measure and allocate transportation costs is a major barrier to collaboration and reduces farmer participation in shared transportation partnerships. This project aims to develop an open-source, data-driven cost estimation tool to accurately estimate transportation costs and allocate those costs fairly among collaborators

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Project Investigators

Jason Grimm
Deputy Director
Iowa Valley RC&D

Anuj Mittal
Instructor, Industrial Engineering
Dunwoody College of Technoloy

Cameron MacKenzie
Assistant Professor, Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering
Iowa State University

Swan Ray
Supply Chain Development Specialist
The University of Minnesota Extension