Community Food Systems
Map of Iowa with Amana, IA Pin

A Grassroots Approach

Iowa Valley RC&D is place-based and uniquely built to address varied local needs and concerns. Our team works to grow local economies, strengthen food systems, foster protection and enhancement of natural resources, and develop awareness for the arts, history, and culture. We facilitate partner collaboration, solve problems at a system level, and leverage resources to get more done. Our expertise is in community food systems, planning, and placemaking. Iowa is our home and we are passionate about doing meaningful and measurable work here. Our office is located in Amana, Iowa.

Our Team

Iowa Valley RC&D’s staff share a vision for a sustainable future. Our collective expertise allows us to approach problems from a variety of angles and think creatively about solutions. We do work in Eastern Iowa as well as statewide. We also complete strategic local work that we feel can serve as a catalyst for accelerated change. We are a small team that prides itself on our dedication to excellence and our culture of learning and adaptability.

Jason Grimm

Giselle Bruskewitz

Claire Zabel

Julia DeSpain

Lisa Stark

Kaci Ginn

Teresa Kurtz

Sophie Churchill

Marianna Cota

Dusty Sanor

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